Kings River Winery

Kings River Winery sits on the 40 acre farm that owner Bob Bagdasarian was raised on as a child. Since 1954, Bob and his family have grown everything from grapes for wine and raisins, to peaches, plums, and apricots on this little piece of paradise south of Fresno.

In 2012, Bob decided to follow his passion and focus only on what he loves most, wine. He planted 12 different varietals of wine grapes on the 40 acres and began building a state of the art winery, with wine making equipment unmatched by any winery in this region. Adding the finishing touches in 2014, Bob’s vision for a premium boutique winery, that would also fill the need for special event venues in the area, finally came to fruition.

Kings River Winery is happy to welcome you to partake in Bob’s dream.

We  are proud to announce we received 4 awards at the 2017 OC Fair Wine Competition! 

  • 2014 Reserve Petite Sirah- Silver Medal
  • 2014 Syrah- Bronze Medal
  • 2014 Alicante Bouchet- Bronze Medal
  • 2015 Reserve Albarino- Bronze Medal

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