CK Elegant Women’s Alterations

When you choose CK Elegant Women’s Alterations and Custom Designs for your special occasion clothing, dresses and accessories, you are guaranteeing yourself 100% satisfaction. You can trust our staff to listen to your ideas and your needs, and lead you in the right direction. We understand the need to feel beautiful. We recognize that in order to feel confident and self-assured, the right clothes are a must. So, whether you want that “power suit” altered, or your mother’s wedding dress updated, call us now and set up a consultation.

Our employees have all gone to the best design schools to learn how to make and alter clothing that is elegant and in style. They keep up with the latest trends, and oftentimes the dresses we design are the ones that are setting the trends. The designers at our home in Fresno used to design dresses for the Broadway stage, a place where style and elegance is a must. From their training at some of the best design schools in the country to their experience on Broadway, our staff has developed valuable skills that they would like to share with you.

If you have something on your dress that you don’t like or would like us to add on your custom design, then contact us immediately. Here the impossible becomes possible.

Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone now and call our friendly staff in Fresno and get started on the road to looking and feeling great in your new or newly-altered clothes. Feel free to browse our website for ideas, or bring in pictures of that hard-to-find, but must-have accessory. Your thoughts and ideas will be respected, and if you so desire, can be followed down to the last detail. Or, if you’re undecided, our talented staff can offer some ideas of their own.